5 Incredible Benefits Of Vegetable Hair Dye

5 Incredible Benefits Of Vegetable Hair Dye

Fed up of trying one product after another to bring life to your tresses? Do you feel your hair lost the sheen it used to have once, as a result of excessive coloring? Sometimes, it can indeed leave your hair tresses lifeless. The one way you can save your hair is to go natural! In such cases, vegetable hair dye can be quite helpful to you. Thinking how? Keep reading ahead.

Why Use Vegetable Hair Dye

Products such as dyes and colors are filled with chemicals that give you great color, but also cause unwanted damage to your hair. It is time to start considering vegetable hair dyes. They are much safer as they do not contain chemicals and other toxic substances that do not do any good. If you are allergic to various chemicals, use vegetable hair dye to you give your tresses many benefits that ordinary hair dye products do not.

Benefits Of Vegetable Hair Dye

Here is a look at some of the benefits of switching to all-natural vegetable hair dyes:

1. No Damage

Among the most notable benefits of vegetable, hair color is that it does not damage your hair. It does not contain chemicals and other ingredients that are harmful to your hair.

2. Retains Hair Structure

Regular hair color products break the hair, and this causes it to eventually become unhealthy. Luckily, vegetable hair dye does not have this effect. It does not change the structure of your hair, thus causing no damage.


3. Conditions Hair

With all the natural ingredients in vegetable hair dye, you can expect good things for your hair. The ingredients in this type of hair color condition your hair. This in turn makes your hair soft, shiny and strong.


4. Safe For Use During Pregnancy

For a lot of pregnant women, coloring their hair while they are expecting is a major concern because of the many chemicals that hair dye products contain. These chemicals may have an adverse effect on the unborn baby. However, with vegetable hair dye, there is no need to worry about this as they have no chemicals in them, making them safe to use during pregnancy.


5. Not Permanent

For many women, hair color is all about having fun, and they like to change the color of their hair more often than others. The great thing about vegetable hair dye is that it is not permanent, meaning that you can change it without having to wait for too long as it takes just 8 to 10 shampoos to have it completely washed out.

With so many great benefits, it is no wonder that more women are turning to vegetable hair dyes to color their hair. Although they do not last, the fact that they do not damage hair like conventional hair dyes do make them a far better choice.


Natural Hair Dyes

The natural hair dye products that can be found today are either vegetable or henna-based. There are also oil-based hair dyes. There are natural hair dyes that are combined with hydrogen peroxide to make the color last longer. You should check the ingredients on the label carefully before you pick one up.

A large number of vegetable hair dyes are called stains. This is because they do not last as long as normal hair colors. The hair gets coated with the color, but the color does not penetrate the cuticle of the hair shafts. The ingredients used in them are similar to those in henna-based hair dyes, but may contain inks that are dispersed, like those found in tattoo inks.

Vegetable hair dyes give great coverage for gray hair. However, you need to keep in mind that to have permanent coverage, a small percentage of chemicals is required. A majority of vegetable and other natural hair dyes are more gray-blending than they are gray-covering.

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