Healthy and nutritious food during painful periods

Healthy and nutritious food during painful periods

How can you stay fit during periods? What are the healthy food options that deal with menstruation cramps? Find out which are the healthy food options during periods.

Heavy painful periods can be excruciating and unpleasant. It completely puts you off leaving you cribbing and crying. If you are going through a hectic period at that point in time. When a women’s menstruation days are around the corner, she knows that she has to deal somehow with physical and emotional stress. It is true that menstruation brings along the lack of appetite, tiredness, painful menstrual cramps, stress, sleepless nights, and many other things degrade the quality of life of every woman. There are multiple phases where we tend to have a deep desire and craving for junk food instead of healthy fast food choices. Eating unhealthy food only provides less nutrition to our health. To add our troubles, the hectic and busy schedules ensure that we are deprived of maintaining a healthy food plan. Sometimes, we try to figure out what causes irregular periods. Apart from body stress and mental distractions, it is diet and improper meal timings that can create a major havoc to our health. As a woman, you can choose a diet plan that ensures a stress-free and happy menstrual cycle.

1. Whole Grains

It works as one of the best ways of dealing with menstrual cramps and mental stress. Whole grains work towards helping you feel full. Thus, it prevents you from feeding on unnecessary junk and oily food. With steamed whole grains, your body will feel healthy, and the mind turns sharp. This is one such food that you won’t regret consuming it.


2. Dark Chocolate

Who doesn’t crave for chocolates? When it comes to periods it is always the bitter chocolate that has our first preference. But, how is it associated with menstruation? Chewing a piece of dark chocolate releases antioxidants that work towards boosting serotonin, which in turn improves your mood. It lowers blood pressure and enhances blood circulation so that you don’t face terrible cramps during heavy, painful periods. Dark chocolates contain a moderate quantity of sugar. Hence, you can eat a slab of dark chocolate every day.


Make use of this tip mentioned above. For more such interesting food tips on what to eat during a heavy period, you can click here.